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    INEOS, founded by Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is one of the world’s top 50 largest manufacturing companies. INEOS products make a significant contribution to saving life, improving health and enhancing standards of living for people around the world. Our businesses produce the raw materials that are essential in the manufacture of a wide variety of goods: from paints to plastics, textiles to technology, medicines to mobile phones - chemicals manufactured by INEOS and the fuels we supply enhance almost every aspect of modern life.

    INEOS joined forces with Ben Ainslie to form INEOS Britannia in April 2018 in an unprecedented effort to bring the trophy back to Britain for the first time since the competition was established in 1851. The INEOS family also includes the iconic British clothing brand Belstaff, Grenadier by INEOS Automotive, INEOS Hygienics and a wider sporting family which includes the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, the INEOS Grenadiers cycling team, the All Blacks, and football clubs OGC Nice and FC Lausanne-Sport.

Main Partners

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    For close to a century Belstaff has been making clothes for men and women who want more from life, to push the limits.

    Technically excellent, beautifully crafted British design and know-how is at the heart of what we do, and our clothes are beyond fashion but always in style, innately cool and appealing to men and women who are used to going the extra mile and living life on their own terms.

    Our iconic jackets had the back of everyone from aviator Amy Johnson to adventurer TE Lawrence and revolutionary Che Guevara. We still make those jackets today - and we still kit out some of the world's most questing individuals - but we make much more besides. Rigorously designed, effortlessly good-looking and built for life: Belstaff is for people who don't think getting dressed is the most important thing they’ll do that day.

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    A new automotive brand with an uncompromising vision, INEOS Automotive is on track to produce its first off-road vehicle by the end of 2020, in time for the 36th America’s Cup.

    The brainchild of INEOS Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a keen adventurer and a lifelong fan of rugged 4x4s, ‘Grenadier’ has come a long way since the idea was first conceived in The Grenadier pub in London in 2017.

    Built in the spirit of 4x4 pioneers such as the Willys Jeep, the Grenadier is on course to deliver a British-inspired and designed, expertly engineered 4x4 that’s just at home pulling a plough, leading an expedition or driving up to Buckingham Palace.

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    Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science

    Formed in March 2019, Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science is a business division of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team which provides bespoke engineering services combining world-class talent and a high-performance culture with cutting-edge technical capability.

    Extracting marginal gains at the leading edge of engineering and aerodynamics requires exceptional people. With the new Formula One regulations requiring teams to operate within a fixed budget cap, Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science was created to enable the diversification of the company to tackle new and exciting engineering challenges beyond Formula One.

    The integration of INEOS Britannia and Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science brings together the best of the America’s Cup and Formula One, based in Brackley, home of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team.


Official Partners

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    Renishaw is one of the world's leading engineering and scientific technology companies, with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare. The company supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, through to 3D printing, dentistry and brain surgery.

    The Renishaw Group currently has 77 offices in 36 countries, with over 5,000 employees, of which over 3,000 people are employed within the UK. For the year ended June 2022 Renishaw achieved sales of £671.1 million, of which 95% was due to exports. The company's largest markets are China, USA, Japan and Germany.

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    Over six decades of innovation have passed since one man’s ideas and passion for originality changed waterproof clothing forever.

    Established in Manchester in 1963, Henri-Lloyd is a story based on the principles and vision of our founder Henri Strzelecki, an innovator, and a true original who created revolutionary designs and techniques. From the introduction of the 1960’s wonder fabric Bri-Nylon with the hand taping of seams, the first non-corrosive zipper and the use of Velcro on clothing closures these simple but genius ideas remain global industry standards to this day. For decades these innovative Henri-Lloyd products enabled the pioneering circumnavigators of the world Sir Francis Chichester, Sir Alec Rose and Sir Ranulph Fiennes (to name just a few) to achieve truly amazing firsts. Then in the 1980’s, the brands world changed forever when the Milanese Paninaro adopted the Consort Original Jacket as part of their uniform and Henri-Lloyd was catapulted into the world of fashion as it became a staple of the newly emerging Italian Sportswear market.

    Times have changed since the company was born in the 1960’s, but Henri’s principles still burn brightly to this day and we still passionately believe in going our own way. It is that pioneering spirit that stays with us, it’s a world where function and design can work together, setting new standards for “Responsible Performance” products with a conscience for the planet and oceans we love.


    Always Original 

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    Domin is rewriting the rules of hydraulics, using world-class engineering design and 21st century manufacturing to develop products with the potential to revolutionise industries. Its radically new, proprietary technology allows hydraulic systems to be smart, digital and decentralised, whilst increasing system efficiencies from around 20% with traditional offerings to around 90% with Domin technology.

Official Suppliers

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    Founded over forty-five years ago, Camper is a family-run business based on the island of Mallorca in the heart of the Mediterranean. Committed to creating original and unconventional concepts, Camper is one of the world’s leading footwear design companies with stores across the globe.


    A Certified B Corp since 2022, the Spanish brand combines innovative natural materials with the latest technology to create timeless designs focused on reducing environmental impact from the outset.

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    GAC Pindar

    GAC Pindar delivers the best in logistics tailored to serving the marine leisure, sport and events community with optimum efficiency and value for money.

    Launched in 2011, GAC Pindar is a strategic partnership that combines the global shipping, logistics and marine service expertise of the GAC Group with the Pindar brand’s knowledge and understanding of the yachting and event world.

    Headquartered in the UK sailing hub of Southampton, GAC Pindar is a division of GAC Services (UK) Ltd and part of the GAC Group. Established since 1956, GAC employs over 7,500 people in more than 300 offices worldwide.

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    Gottifredi Maffioli

    Gottifredi Maffioli represents a history of challenges and new ideas. Thanks to the constant innovation and to the many challenges won, Gottifredi Maffioli has become a reference for various markets throughout the years.  

    Since 1954, when Gottifredi Maffioli supplied the Italian expedition to the top of the K2, the company’s name is linked to great sports initiatives. In recent years Gottifredi Maffioli’s products, especially sailing and mooring lines, went aboard the most celebrated boats, racing regattas such as the America's Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race, the Route du Rhum, the Vendée Globe, just to name a few. 

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    Harken, Inc. is the creation of founders Peter and Olaf Harken. Started in 1968 with the invention of the plastic recirculating ball bearing block and development of Olympic-class sailboats, Harken today is a 100% employee-owned company that competes to be the technological leader in deck hardware, winches, and hydraulics. Harken has been a trusted, high-performance partner of America's Cup syndicates, since 1977 and has been a technical supplier to INEOS Britannia and its predecessors over three Cup cycles. Harken's corporate network includes distribution in 48 countries. The company has factories in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA and Limido Comasco, Italy.

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    INEOS Hygienics
    INEOS have a long standing history of producing the purest and most effective sanitising agent: pharmaceutical grade Alcohol. 

    As the world faced the global COVID crisis INEOS decided to put their expertise to use, building hand sanitiser factories across Europe and the US to produce highly effective sanitising products which we donated to front line medical facilities.

    Now they are offering the same hospital-grade products to the public, helping everyone to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. Protecting us all. Everyday.



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    Based in Italy, KASK has revolutionised the design, development and manufacture of safety helmets, creating leading-edge products for a wide range of sectors from skiing to cycling, mountaineering, horse riding, rescue and security. Founded in 2004, KASK quickly and successfully established itself on the market and began a process of extraordinary development. KASK’s success is due in great part to its team of talented engineers, partnerships with the leading Italian companies in the sector and the fact that all of its products are made in Italy. In recent years, KASK has also won a slew of awards, most notably an IF Design Award, ISPO Award, Red Dot Design Award, Eurobike Award and 100 Eccellenze Italiane Prize.

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    La Marzocco

    Since 1927, La Marzocco have made beautiful, high quality, superbly crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines. Founded by brothers Bruno and Giuseppe Bambi, the company is staunchly proud of its Florentine roots; birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to such artistic geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi. Today, La Marzocco remain artisans, whilst offering important advancements in equipment technology to its customers and the industry. Now operating across the world, and with machines in every corner of globe, the company still produces each machine, hand crafted to order, from its factory in the Tuscan hills, just North of Florence.


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    Marina Port Vell

    Marina Port Vell Barcelona is a world-class marina specialized in superyachts perfectly positioned in the heart of Barcelona.

    The facility has 74 berths and one of the longest piers in the world (400 m), which makes it an ideal destination for superyachts up to 190 meters in length. In fact, Marina Port Vell, is the only marina in the world with the capacity to host superyachts up to 190 meters in length in the middle of a large city.

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    Founded in 2014, NAVASTO is pioneering and spearheading the adaptation of artificial intelligence in engineering processes to drastically speed up development cycles. 

    Today, NAVASTO consists of a team of experts from various fields, all united by a love of problem-solving. The company's software products are built on a foundation of real-world engineering experience and are designed to address the actual problems faced by engineers and managers in the industry. 

    It is this deep-rooted expertise that NAVASTO is proud to bring to its collaboration with INEOS Britannia. As their supplier, NAVASTO is not merely providing off-the-shelf solutions; the company is dedicated to integrating its technology to create bespoke, race-winning systems.

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    For more than 30 years, Nyetimber has had a single aim: crafting exceptional English sparkling wine that rivals the very best in the world. A true pioneer, Nyetimber was the first producer of English Sparkling Wine to exclusively grow the three celebrated grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Regarded as England’s finest sparkling wine, Nyetimber is made from one hundred per cent estate-grown grapes. Owner and Chief Executive, Eric Heerema, works together with Head Winemaker Cherie Spriggs and Winemaker Brad Greatrix to produce wine of extraordinary elegance and quality. Cherie Spriggs was named ‘Sparkling Winemaker of the Year’ at the International Wine Challenge 2018 – one of the most highly-regarded wine competitions in the world. She was the first woman as well as the first person outside the Champagne region of France to win this prestigious award.

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    Papercast is a leader in e-paper information display systems. The technology was originally developed to transform real-time passenger information at bus stops around the world, with solar powered, wireless and sunlight readable e-paper displays.

    With a major foothold in this market, Papercast is perfectly placed to support other more demanding applications. Relentless innovation has resulted in its proprietary e-paper driver board, heavyweight processing performance, ultra-low energy consumption and unique capabilities that put Papercast technology in a category of its own.

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    Based in Cowes, Isle of Wight, Spinlock join INEOS Brittania in their quest to win the AC37, providing the latest in flotation equipment for both the sailors and on water support teams. Working closely with INEOS Brittania, the team provide Spinlock with the ambition and drive to challenge what the flotation garment should be and how it should perform in the ultimate sailing competition

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    SunGod, founded in 2013, has always taken a pioneering approach towards making better, more responsible eyewear. Like INEOS Britannia, SunGod is driven by performance and its award-winning eyewear is already worn by the world’s top athletes.
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    Suzuki GB

    Suzuki GB has partnered with INEOS Britannia to become the official supplier of outboard motors for its fleet of chase boats, which will support INEOS Britannia, the Challenger of Record for the 37th America’s Cup. The outboard of choice will be the dual-propeller DF325A model, with Suzuki providing the team with 12 units in total. The cutting-edge technologies in the DF325A are second to none, and their famed reliability make them ideal for powering the team’s chase boats.

    Read more: https://www.ineosbritannia.com/en/articles/451_Suzuki-to-power-team-s-chase-boats.html


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    Vita Power and Aqua superPower were founded to decarbonize the marine environment with an integrated ecosystem of dockside superchargers and high-performance electric powertrains and vessels. 

    Vita is a marine technology company that develops electric powertrains and vessels for commercial and recreational marine applications. Delivering peak power between 100hp and 600hp, Vita systems are among the fastest charging on the market, supercharging from 10%-90% in under an hour. 

    AQUA superPower is the first fully marinised dockside network of fast chargers for electric boats, offering AC and DC charging options up to 150 kW, allowing DC compatible powerboats to rapidly recharge and extend their autonomy. 

Challenging Club

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    Royal Yacht Squadron Ltd

    Each competing team  in the America's Cup races under a challenging Yacht Club and INEOS TEAM UK will race for Royal Yacht Squadron Ltd. Founded in 1815, the Royal Yacht Squadron – based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight - is regarded as one of the most prestigious yacht clubs in the world.


Official Charity

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    1851 Trust

    The 1851 Trust is the Official Charity of INEOS TEAM UK. The Trust takes science beyond the textbook to get young people active and inspired by sport.


    Since the 1851 Trust was launched in 2014, its model of combining sport and science has proved effective in inspiring young people up and down the UK.  Using its unique, behind-the-scenes access to INEOS TEAM UK, the Trust’s education and sailing programmes are designed to both challenge young people to excel and to inspire them to believe anything is possible, with a focus on become future scientists, engineers and innovators.


    The Trust’s STEM Crew education resources are being used by teachers at over 25% of UK secondary schools reaching over 100,000 young people in their classrooms each year. Alongside exposing students to the Formula 1 of sailing in their classrooms and on multi-activity roadshow days, the Trust works with a national network of sailing centres and over 60 schools to give thousands of young people the experience of sailing for the first time.  These young people would never have this opportunity and we are pleased that over half of them achieve recognised sailing qualifications as well as demonstrating improvements in communication, determination and resilience.


    Find out more about their work visit www.1851trust.org.uk and www.stemcrew.org