Designing for Race-Winning Speed with Fidelity Fine Marine CFD

INEOS Britannia partners with Cadence as their CFD provider

INEOS Britannia partners with Cadence as their CFD provider

As teams gear up for the 37th edition of the America's Cup, the pressure is on to design the fastest race boat possible. At INEOS Britannia, we are partnering up with the best in the industry to achieve our goal of winning the competition.

With the rules only allowing us to build a single hull, there's no room for error. That's why we rely on Cadence Fidelity Fine Marine's computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to help us get the hydrodynamics behavior of our boat just right. From lift and drag predictions to cavitation and ventilation, Cadence's software allows us to understand these phenomena in great detail without compromise, giving us the confidence we need to make precise and accurate simulations.

With the speed of the design tools being just as important as the speed on the water, Cadence's software is robust, reliable, and repeatedly consistent, making it the perfect choice for INEOS Britannia. Cadence’s extensive experience in the race, including their role in supplying CFD for the winning team in the previous edition, makes them the natural choice as our hydrodynamic CFD provider.

We are excited to be working on the second generation of AC75-class boats and taking them to the next level in search of the race-winning edge. With Cadence's support and expertise, we are confident we have what it takes to bring the America's Cup trophy home.

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