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Inside Tack | Health & Wellness

In these uncertain times it is more difficult than ever to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

That is why we opened up our Human Performance team's expertise in the space of health & wellbeing to provide an ‘evidence based’ ongoing programme for our fans and supporters.

Check out our weekly meal of the week with team chef Nick Holt, fitness at home tips from Head of Human performance Ben Williams and get top nutritionist tips from KX’s Aidan Goggins the man behind the sirtdiet.

Week 9 |

Inside Tack | Weight Management 

The America’s Cup is a weight restricted sport with both the AC75 (6,520kg) we sail and the 11-race crew (max 990kg) on-board needing to meet Class Rule requirements. In this part of our wellness series with scienceinsport & kx_life Head of Human Performance Ben Williams gives insight into how the sailors make weight the right way. 

Menu of the Week | Choc energy bark bars

Chef Nick Holt's choc bark bars with a hit of caffeine provide a great little energy boost for training sessions.

Week 8 | 

Inside Tack | Hydration

Keeping hydrated is essential, not only for exercise but for many of the important processes in the body to take place. Head of Human Performance Ben Williams gives his top tips on how to monitor your own hydration levels at home

Menu of the Week | Tomato & basil sauce

A batch recipe for Chef Holty’s tomato & basil sauce with the added goodness of sticky sweet and sour red onions for that little extra! Great to freeze and pull out to use six meals including pasta bakes, Bolognese and pizza topping sauce. Full of goodness + nice and simple.

Week 7 | 

Inside Tack | Training adaptations 

For both the AC75 and F50 the sailing squad need to be on the top of their game in both skillset and fitness. Click here – to find out how we adapt our training during non-sailing periods to reach peak race day performance

Menu of the week |  Banana Man Shake

Start the day the right way with Science in Sport whey protien Banana Man Shake. "ever alert for the call to action" watch as team chef Nick Holt's gives us his masterclass. #BananaMan 

Week 6 | 

Inside Tack | Supporting the Immune System

In the ongoing pandemic it is more important than ever that we can support our immune system to the best of our abilities. When confined to home, this can be difficult. We have spoken to KXLife’s Aidan Goggins, the man behind the sirtdiet and Nutrition Medicine Consultant for INEOS TEAM UK, on the advice he gives our sailors and how you can follow that same advice. READ MORE 

 Menu of the week | SiS Whey Protein Chocolate Brownie

Nick Holt is back with another sailing squad favourite this time with the help of Science in Sport making these healthy brownies the perfect training treat

Week 5 | 

Inside Tack | Biological Clocks 

Almost every cell in our body has a rhythm which much of the time is in synchrony with our daily life. Keeping our biological clock in rhythm is extremely important for our health. Here are a few simple tips to keep your rhythm in beat.  We spoke to our Head of Human Performance Ben Williams on the importance of maintaining a healthy body clock and how best to do so. READ MORE

 Menu of the week | Pistachio & peanut butter energy balls 

This week team chef Nick Holt shows us how to make his special energy balls. Packed full of protein, fibre and antioxidants they are a great and easy to eat snack during a hard training session

Week 4 | 

Inside Tack | Mindfulness

In these uncertain times it is more important than ever to not only keep physically fit, but also mentally. Every day this week we will share top tips, actions, and quotes from our resident wellness expert Karl Griscti who has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for over 25 years and works within our performance programme

Menu of the week | Banana and blueberry muffins.

We use these for on water snacks during long training sessions, a great way to keep energy levels high without using unrefined sugars.

Week 3 | 

Challenge of the week | Cardio

Simple this week, we are joining the 5k @run.for.heroes ‚úč challenge with a twist! You can run but also grind (sailors request), cycle, row or walk the 5km then donate £5 to NHS & nominate 5 people - all exercises always within social distancing

Click HERE to donate 

Menu of the week | Super Green Sailing Machine Smoothy 

The best way to start the day with team chef Nick Holt’s Super Green Sailing Machine Smoothie a firm favourite with the INEOS Team UK sailing squad

Week 2 | 

Challenge of the week | Strength 

It's important to keep up your strength and core work at home. We spoke to our team’s Head of Human Performance Ben Williams on the importance of maintaining muscle mass and strength for the team, and how Ben and the Performance team are helping our sailors do just that whilst in lockdown. READ MORE

Menu of the week | Butternut Squash Risotto

One of team chef Nick Holt’s favourite meals – Roasted Butternet Squash Risotto

But why is it included in our wellness plan? Our Nutrition medicine consultant from KXLife Aidan Goggins explains “We love this versatile dish especially alongside a good protein like fish or poultry as a perfect recovery meal. Adding butternut squash to the arborio rice ensures a nutrient-dense, slow carbohydrate release.

But what really stands out is the content of herbs and spices which we try and use liberally in meals. Moreover, to adding delicious flavours, they have the accolade of the highest content, of all foods, of plant nutrients called polyphenols. These nifty nutrients supercharge recovery by increasing our resilience to stresses and inflammation.

Thyme especially is loaded with antioxidants and has a rich history of use to fight infections and enhance immunity."

Week 1 | 

Challenge of the week | Keeping your step count up 

It's a simple one, the step count. Keeping to social distancing guidelines how many of us can do 10,000 a day?

Menu of the week | Pina Colada Bircher (overnight porridge)

Start the day the right way with team chef Nick Holt’s Pina Colada Bircher (overnight porridge) a firm favourite with the sailing squad and easy to make.

But why is it so good? Our Nutrition Medical consultant Aidan Goggins from KX Life (the team's elite functional health partner), explains “The combination of fruit sugars, complex carbohydrates, and good fats provides fuelling trifecta for a sustained energy release. The Greek yogurt and chia seeds complement as an excellent protein source. The standout is the rich assortment of plant nutrients, providing a burst of carotenoids, vitamins, and flavonoids all of which work together to support our cell health and immune system to take on the day ahead”  

How to make a Pina Colada Bircher

Ingredients - Pina Colada Bircher