Science in Sport enhance Britain’s challenge to win the America’s Cup

INEOS TEAM UK are delighted to join Science in Sport’s newly launched Performance Solutions, a ground-breaking sports research and nutrition service designed to elevate elite teams and athletes to the next level of performance.

The world-first service will see experts from SiS’ Performance Solutions team embedded in INEOS TEAM UK to undertake cutting-edge research and deliver bespoke solutions to improve performance. Science in Sport’s Performance Solutions is a dedicated and tailored approach combining world-leading research in sports nutrition with the application of bespoke delivery strategies to meet the complex and varying needs of different athletes.

Nick Hutton INEOS TEAM UK Trimmer grinder - Cagliari - Italy
© Lloyd Images / Mark Lloyd

Alongside the sailing team, the service will also be delivered to Team INEOS Cycling, the England Women’s Football Teams and British swimmer Adam Peaty with dedicated SiS nutritionists working in close collaboration.

Ben Williams, INEOS TEAM UK. Head of Human Performance, said “We are very excited to partner with SiS, their world class products and expertise will enhance our athletic programme enabling us to push our training approach even harder, resulting in sustained improvements in both our athlete’s performance and their recovery.

Ben Williams (GBR)- INEOS TEAM UK's Head of Human Performance

The sailors have varied roles on-board our race boat, from the grinders who focus on generating raw power through to the more tactical roles in the afterguard, each of which requires bespoke performance and nutrition strategies. SiS will not only provide the fuel, tested within the WADA framework to our athletes, they will also embed a nutritionist within the team giving world-leading research and tailored performance fuelling to each individual sailor.”

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Continued bouts of heavy exercise will deplete immune cells and impair recovery as well as leaving us vulnerable to infection.
© Lloyd Images / Mark Lloyd